What began as a passion project evolved into the realization that there is a need for a centralized digital hub. Creating this portal for all things tangible and intangible, we have gathered four verticals that can be searched through FOUND, EXPLORE, TOOLBOX and the BOOK.


We invite you to come here to discover the hidden and perhaps lesser known, lightworkers and modalities of the world. We want to declutter the confusion and make it simple to build a personal spiritual toolbox. There is no judgement here. Our goal is to normalize the metaphysical and obliterate the dark, scary connotation surrounding it.

This rolodex is an ethereal portal that should evoke an enthusiasm for more. It is as though you are looking through a kaleidoscope that changes constantly with the beautiful elements of surprise. Allow yourself to walk into the fun, high vibe, iridescent light with us. Together we can all see how magic may give you the direction that the ancients have relied upon. 

Wishing you the best in what you seek to find.