Leslie Maat

One day while I was floating through a favorite crystal shop of mine in New York City. Also let’s be real, there are about three shops total in NYC. I started talking with a practitioner who was doing readings. I booked a 15 min session with Leslie Maat who is a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner […]

Jennifer Hickman

One of my FAVORITE gifts to receive is a metaphysical session. Its hard to explain the thrill I feel when a friend, family or client sets me up with their trusted go to. It was this exact situation that brought me to Jennifer Hickman, founder of Fullbloom in New York City. A colleague I set […]

Angie Banicki

Talk about career shifts; Angie Banicki was an entertainment publicist before she left corporate America to be a full-time tarot card reader. She had an uncanny ability to spot the next big thing as a publicist, and she moonlighted with tarot for fun. I have had a lot of tarot card readings in my day, […]

Spellbound Sky

Spellbound Sky is likely my favorite shop in the entire world. Walking into the shop is almost like immersive theater. The brainchild of owners Mark Phillips and Martin Anguiano—who are always dressed in goth and play Cher or Stevie Nicks on the loudspeaker in the shop—are two of the most colorful, knowledgeable, and loving souls […]

Mazz Hanna

Celebrity nail artist Mazz Hanna counts  Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, Kacey Musgraves, and  Selma Blair as fans. A certified crystal healer and aromatherapist, Mazz creates custom crystal elixirs based on her clients’ energetic needs. I met her at the Sixty Hotels in Beverly Hills for a Crystal Healing Manicure—the manicure made popular when Julia Roberts walked the red carpet a […]

Acupuncture and Love Cupping

When I watched Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” music video, it was full of metaphysical references, which had me intrigued. She tagged the doctor who did the crystal face acupuncture and love cupping in the video. So I went to see Dr. Kara at Aculand in Beverly Hills. Dr. Kara is a unicorn of sorts, and her […]