Acupuncture and Love Cupping

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When I watched Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” music video, it was full of metaphysical references, which had me intrigued. She tagged the doctor who did the crystal face acupuncture and love cupping in the video. So I went to see Dr. Kara at Aculand in Beverly Hills. Dr. Kara is a unicorn of sorts, and her clients, she says, associate her with the unicorn talisman. Bright, cheerful, uber-educated, and skilled, the petite doctor greeted me in a pink jumpsuit. Pink is her color of choice and is used as an accent color throughout her office that, like fate, was originally built as an acupuncture space. Aculand has such a vibrating energy that you instantly feel better the moment you step inside.

Inspired by her mother and father, both doctors of Oriental medicine, Dr. Kara is a licensed acupuncturist and holds a doctorate degree in acupuncture and traditional Oriental medicine. She graduated summa cum laude at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica.

Dr. Kana developed and holds the patent of the “Love Cup,” a heart-shaped cup made in Thailand. For my first experience with cupping, I went to the best. If you’re not familiar with the process, here is how it went down: Dr. Kara uses fire to suck the air out from inside the cups to create the suction, and the heart-shaped cups are then placed strategically on your back, bringing toxins to the surface. Cupping has been used for centuries to help relieve back, neck, and muscle pain and have even been used to help cure the common cold. 

It was a strange sensation during the treatment, but afterward it felt like it released emotions I had bottled in. She followed the cupping by doing acupuncture on my face and body. I have had acupuncture before, but Dr. Kara was the most gentle I have ever had. And her technique of cosmetic acupuncture is a great alternative to fillers. The finale was putting crystal EarSeeds in pressure points in my ears. There was a visible difference in how I looked post-session and in my energy.

Pro Tip: If there is one supplement she recommended, it was ginseng. I loved the session so much that when my trip was extended, I begged for a follow-up. Try to get an appointment with Dr. Kara not just for the ’gram, but for better health.

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